Application process guidelines for the UAC Mastercard Foundation Program

Academic year 2017-2018 – First cohort

This guide is written in order to allow the candidates applying for the MasterCard Foundation support program to the UAC to complete all conditions to be admitted within the program. It gives guidance and instructions on filling out the application form. All the candidates must read the instructions below before filling out the form.

The MasterCard at UAC supports young people with brilliant school and university records, but from poor economic backgrounds in Benin to gain access to quality university education.


  1. a) Candidates must be Beninese.

(b) Applicants to the bachelor programs must justify excellent academic results with at least the mention fairly well in the high school diploma of the scientific series C, D, E, F, DTI, and DEAT of the years 2015-2016 or 2016-2017.

(c) Candidates must be from a poor background and be able to prove it.

(d) Candidates must demonstrate natural aptitudes for leadership and entrepreneurship justified by positions of responsibility held during their school career or their involvement in extracurricular associations or through edifying Personal experiences.

(e) Candidates must be not more than 23 years old  as of the 31st of December of the current year.

(f) Candidates must not be beneficiaries of another scholarship program in any form.

Documents to be attached to the application form

A completed form must include the following:

(A) Two (2) identity photos with the name of the candidate written on the back in capital letters. (Do not staple the photos to the form, submit them in an envelope).

(B) A copy of the applicant’s birth certificate or a supplemental judgment.

(C) A copy of the certificate of diplomas and transcripts of the BEPC and the BAC

(D) A copy of the school transcripts of each quarter and the end-of-year final bulletin of the Terminal class.

(E) A copy of the transcripts of the classes of 2nde and 1ère

(G) A copy of the death certificate (s) of the biological parents (if any).

(H) A precise indication of the physical address of the domicile of the parent or guardian

(Indicate the department and the county town of the place of residence as well as the approximate distances in kilometers from the main road).

(I) Personal writing (answer all questions in the form)


General information on the professional activity of parents or tutors

This information should be as detailed as possible. Insufficient information will be disadvantageous for your application. The following categories are given as indicative but are not exhaustive.


  1. If your father/Mother/guardian is or was a businessman, describe the business, for example if he or she is a trader, retailer, wholesaler or manufacturer, describe the product categories he/she sells. In addition, give the physical address of the company, i.e. where the physical premises and the telephone number, if any, of the company or person are located.
  2. If your father/Mother/guardian is or was a

State employee, indicate the position he or she held in the public service, the corresponding salary scale, and indicate the department or government service where he or she worked. If he/she works in the private sector or a non-governmental organization (NGO), indicate the company/organization, the position occupied and the salary scale or salary. In addition, give the physical address, that is, the physical location of the company/organization and the telephone number, if any, of the organization or person.

  1. If your father/Mother/guardian is or was a farmer, breeder or fish producer, describe the extent of its operation (km2) or its livestock or production. In addition, give the physical address of the farm or breeding place or fish production as well as a possible telephone number.

Deadline for submitting the application form

The application form must be deposited at the University of Abomey-Calavi, at the Coordination Office of the MasterCard Foundation Program, located within the farm of the faculty of Agronomic Sciences precisely at the GBios laboratory, before September 20, 2017 at 6 PM (local time).If you submit your application file via e-mail, make sure that a scanned copy of the application form and all other documents are clearly legible and sent in a single PDF document (maximum size: 5MB) to The email address: with Subject:

MasterCard application-Name and surname.


For more information, contact 62 29 59 59 or 65 70 69 69


(A) The application forms are absolutely free and are not sold

(B) Only pre-selected candidates will be contacted for interviews.

(C) Incomplete application forms will be automatically disqualified.

(D) All candidates or those submitting the application forms should ensure that they are recorded in a register provided for that purpose after the filling.

Files that are slipped under doors will not be accepted.

(E) Cases of identity theft, falsification of documents or provision of false/incomplete information, each time they are discovered either at the time of receipt of the application or thereafter will result in automatic cancellation Of the scholarship, the reimbursement of the money already spent, if any, and the filing of a complaint against the offenders in the courts of Benin.


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